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 <WRAP center round download 80%> <WRAP center round download 80%>
 Icon for user toolbutton: Icon for user toolbutton:
-  * {{:​scripts:​dialogs:​skindepth.png?linkonly|}} +  * {{:​scripts:​dialogs:​skindepth.png|}} {{:​scripts:​dialogs:​skindepth.png?linkonly|}}
-  * {{:​scripts:​dialogs:​skindepth.png|}}+
 Images in script: Images in script:
   * {{:​scripts:​dialogs:​skindepthformula.png?​linkonly|Skin depth formula}}   * {{:​scripts:​dialogs:​skindepthformula.png?​linkonly|Skin depth formula}}
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