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-[{{ :​scripts:​dialogs:​pecletdialog.jpg?​500&​direct |Dialog box for peclet number calculation}}]+[{{ :​scripts:​dialogs:​peclet_number_pecletdialog.jpg?​500&​direct |Dialog box for peclet number calculation}}]
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 Images in script: Images in script:
-  * {{:​scripts:​dialogs:​pecletformel.png?​linkonly|Peclet formula}}+  * {{:​scripts:​dialogs:​peclet_number_pecletformel.png?​linkonly|Peclet formula}}
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        ​$groupbox action=start Title=''​ Orientation=horizontal strips=1        ​$groupbox action=start Title=''​ Orientation=horizontal strips=1
-        $displayline 'Pecletformel.png'  ​+        $displayline 'peclet_number_Pecletformel.png'  ​
        ​$groupbox action=stop        ​$groupbox action=stop
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