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       $DIALOG START '​Layout example dialog box'       $DIALOG START '​Layout example dialog box'
         $groupbox START 'Color Definition Table' Horizontal 1         $groupbox START 'Color Definition Table' Horizontal 1
-          $DISPLAYLINE 'Palette.png;​500;'​ +          $DISPLAYLINE 'layout_example_palette.png;​500;'​ 
-          $displayline '<​div align="​center">​Image too small ? Press for<a href="​file:&​comipath&​\Palette.png">​ Larger Image</​a></​div>'​+          $displayline '<​div align="​center">​Image too small ? Press for<a href="​file:&​comipath&​\layout_example_palette.png">​ Larger Image</​a></​div>'​
         $groupbox STOP         $groupbox STOP
         $groupbox START '​Choose your Layout' ​         $groupbox START '​Choose your Layout' ​
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