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Shielding Wallscreenshot: shieldingwall.jpgSimple test model of a shielding wall to compare volume meshed walls versus thin plate approximationOpera3dToscaShielding, Thin Plate boundary2016-01-14
Hall sensor on magnetscreenshot: model.pngDescription of modelOpera3dToscaHall Sensor2013-09-02
Ship signaturescreenshot: line_z=-10m.pngShip signatureOpera3dToscaMagnetic signature2012-08-10
Space charge simulation coupled with magnetostatic fieldscreenshot: 08_Combined-elec_TT_J500_Trajectory_1.pngSpace charge simulation coupled with magnetostatic fieldOpera3dTosca, ScalaSpace charge, coupled magnetostatic field2012-04-20
Mass Spectrometerscreenshot: pic2.pngMass SpectrometerOpera3dToscaMass Spectrometer, Track function, Particle tracking2012-04-20
Circuit Breakerscreenshot: B__position1.pngCircuit breakerOpera3dToscaCircuit Breaker2011-11-14
Two spheres in magnetic fieldscreenshot: modell.pngTwo spheres aligned in a magnetostatic field driven by a coil through a yokeOpera3dToscaSpheres, Flux lines2011-05-19
Absolute position encoderscreenshot: model.pngDiametral magnetized disk as an absolute position decoder for a hall sensorOpera3dToscaHall Sensor, Position decoder2011-04-14
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