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Magnetic Gear

Thomas Müller
Magnetic Gear
Magnetic Gear
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This Opera2d model is a magnetic gear with three rotor regions. The outer region is called Rotor3. It has 22 pole pairs and is linearly accelerated to a fixed speed. The middle rotor is called Rotor2 and has 26 intermediary pole pieces and is fixed. The inner rotor has 4 pole pairs and is mechanically coupled to the the other rotors. It has no load attached, just its inertia and will be accelerated by the electromagnetic forces.

The number of poles is from Atallah, K. and D. Howe, “A novel high-performance magnetic gear” IEEE Transactions on Magnetics, Vol. 37, No. 4, 2001. The dimesions e.g. radii and length of gear are just made up and need improvement as you can see in the hughe torque ripple :-)

This video shows how the inner rotor is accelerated by the electromagnetic forces and will start to move in the opposite direction than the outer rotor with a much higher speed.

The model below was computed without any magnetis in the inner rotor. You can see how the intermediary poles create from the outer 22 pole pairs a 4 pole pair field in the inner rotor.

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