Tags are used to find scrips under certain categories again. Here is a selections of the tags used in this wiki. You can give a model or script as many tags as you like. So apart from the once below you could enter more individual tags that will describe what your model or scrpt does:

Tag Category Tag Values Description
Opera Program Opera2d, Modeller, Postprocessor, Solver Compulsary defines in which program the script will run
Preprocessing Modeller, 2dPre Script will be used for preprocessing, model creation
Postprocessing Postprocessor, 2dPost Script will be used for postprocessing, field evaluation, pictures
Dialogues Dialogues There is a dialog box in the script
Toolbuttons Toolbutton This script can be used as a user toolbutton with a nice icon

Examples: A script that will run in 2d and in 3d will get the tags: Opera2d, Modeller, Postprocessor
A script that will only run in 2d and is for Postprocessing will get the tags: Opera2d, 2dPost

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