If you want to create a new page for an Opera Fun model, please right klick on fun in the navigation menu on the left and select New page here. Then enter the name of your new model followed by :start. E.g. newmodel:start

Opera Fun Gallery

TitleScreenshotDescriptionTags Last Updated
Valentine Heartscreenshot: heart.jpgValentine HeartFun2014-02-14
Bi-C-Coilscreenshot: bi-c-coil.pngA bicycle made out of Biot-Savart conductorsFun2012-04-20
Xmas Carmen Res-Filescreenshot: xmas_carmen_res.pngXmas Carmen Res-FileFun2012-04-20
Snow manscreenshot: snowman.pngSnow manFun2012-04-20
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